Statement of Intent

The Global Dairy Alliance is a diverse group of national dairy industries who are working to establish a fair and market-oriented trading system for dairy.

Fifty years after the GATT's formation, policy settings in many countries continue to distort world dairy trade and prices and impose massive costs on efficient producers and consumers. The Global Dairy Alliance believes that dairy producers and consumers around the world must be treated fairly and equally. The international trade in dairy products should be based on open markets that are free of regulatory distortions. Consumers must also have free access to the products of their choice.

The Alliance sees the WTO Doha Development Round as an unmatched opportunity to achieve these aims. Put simply, there can be no Doha Round outcome without a comprehensive agreement on agriculture. Given dairy's position and importance in world agriculture there can be no outcome on agriculture without fundamental reform of dairy trade.

Establishing a fair, market oriented trading system for dairy will require a programme of fundamental reform across the three pillars of the Doha Round negotiations - export subsidies, market access and domestic support. Our specific reform targets include:

  • Elimination of all export subsidies within three years
  • Strong disciplines on the use of food aid and all other export competition policies (such as export credits).
  • Substantial, progressive improvements in market access for dairy products leading ultimately to the elimination of all dairy product tariffs and tariff quotas
  • Improved disciplines on the administration of transitional access arrangements (including elimination of the special safeguard mechanism for developed countries), and .
  • Progressive elimination of all trade-distorting domestic subsidies in developed countries

While the Alliance strongly supports open markets as the preferred approach to reducing barriers to trade and efficient production, we recognise the special position of developing dairy producers. The Doha Round must incorporate special measures (including earlier phase out by developed countries of export subsidies targeted at developing countries) in order to assist their transition to a more liberal market environment.

Within the Doha Round, discussions on non-trade concerns must also be dealt with in ways that do not establish new forms of protectionism or technical barriers to trade.

To fully capture the benefits on offer from international trade reform, the Alliance believes the Doha Round negotiations should go beyond the positions put forward to date by WTO members.

lliance members are committed to achieving the above goals. We stand ready to work with all national dairy industries who will work to achieve these same goals.

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