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Key source of New Zealand dairy industry statistics : Livestock Improvement Corporation Dairy Statistics Report www.lic.co.nz /main.cfm?menuid=1&sub_menuid=113

i) Milk Production
14599 million litres in the 2003/04 Season

ii) Growth in Milk Litres
13906 million litres in the  2002/03 season, up  4.98%  in 2003/04

iii) Share of World  Milk Production
2% of World Total Milk Production

iv) Number of Dairy Cows
3.85 million

v) Number of Dairy Farms

vi) Number of Direct jobs in the Dairy Industry

Over 26000 people were employed as dairy farmers and dairy farm workers

Over 11000 people employed in New Zealand by Dairy Companies

Over 37,000 direct jobs in the New Zealand Dairy Industry

For a more extensive statistics for New Zealand click here

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